Inside Tufts University Information Technology

Network Engineering

Network Engineering is a group of system, network, and operations professionals responsible for designing and overseeing the Tufts data network.

The mission of Network Engineering is to design, maintain, and operate a state-of-the-art, university-wide, data network to serve the academic applications, research requirements and support needs of Tufts. This includes internal connectivity as well as external access to the commodity Internet and Internet2 research institutions.

The network infrastructure at Tufts consists of routed ethernet backbones in each of the Boston, Medford and Grafton campuses interconnected by high-speed wide-area circuits. The physical infrastructure is comprised of twisted-pair copper and fiber optic cabling interconnected by a variety of routers and switches. In addition to the wired network, UIT Network Engineering also oversees the universities wireless network infrastructure across all three campuses. Network Engineering also maintains centralized load balancing services for data center customers as well as a distributed, highly redundant DNS, DHCP, and NTP infrastructure.